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Bridal showers are such a fun event, and a great moment to have photographed! As a wedding photographer, I also shoot events, from Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to Bridal Showers! We are often so busy, and it’s hard to get everyone we love together. And having a photographer there to document the moment is so important. You will always look back and cherish these memories.

Savanna had the shower at a private residence on the back lawn. The tables were lined in white linens and featured individual white roses as centerpieces. Pops of blush added a pop or color with the napkins, as well as the signage. Each guest got a bride trivia card to test their knowledge! Upon arrival, guests were greeted with champagne but could also enjoy Savanna’s signature Gin and Tonic. Amazing Grace Designs planned and designed the event and made sure every detail was perfect!

A friend or close family member often hosts bridal showers, but many chose to hire a planner to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Having a planner help coordinate and design makes it effortless and smooth! But, if you cannot have a planner, here are a few tips on hosting the perfect backyard bridal shower!

Hold The Backyard Bridal Shower Two – Six Months Before The Wedding

Usually, the bridal shower is held two to six months before the wedding, depending on availability. Some people chose to have the shower at the same time as the Bachelorette or right before. This way, everyone is already in town! Mail out the invitations four to six weeks prior.

Pick A Dress Code

For Savanna’s bridal shower, the bride wore white, and guests wore soft pastel-colored dresses. Some chose to have a color theme. Others decide to have it be a casual or formal affair.

Have Some Games Ready

Having some fun games ready allows the guests to mingle and have fun! Savanna had a trivia game to get everyone talking. Other ideas include gift opening, a spa day, wine and painting class, or calligraphy lessons.

Have Plenty Of Food (And Dessert!)

Savannah chose to have a plated meal, so guests could sit down and eat and drink. But don’t forget something sweet! For this bridal shower, they had a large cake and dessert table, with vintage china. There were brownies, cookies, cakes, and even chocolate-covered strawberries!

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