Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Orit and Mia


A lovely wedding at one of my favorite locations, The Culver Hotel. I loved photographing Orit and Mia and still capturing special moments of their families.

Thank you Vanessa from Best Dream Weddings for making my job so easy. Your work is beautiful!

Orit-and-Mia-1 Orit-and-Mia-2 Orit-and-Mia-3 Orit-and-Mia-4 Orit-and-Mia-5 Orit-and-Mia-6 Orit-and-Mia-7 Orit-and-Mia-8 Orit-and-Mia-9 Orit-and-Mia-10 Orit-and-Mia-11 Orit-and-Mia-12 Orit-and-Mia-13 Orit-and-Mia-14 Orit-and-Mia-15 Orit-and-Mia-16 Orit-and-Mia-17 Orit-and-Mia-18 Orit-and-Mia-19