Meet Karina

Hello, thank you for stopping by!

Growing up in Brazil, I was surrounded by family and friends, love and laughter.

So when my grandfather gave me my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, I went about
photographing what I knew, and what meant the most to me…the people in my life.

Countless rolls of film were purchased and processed. I don’t think my grandfather
considered the expense! But my family encouraged me and loved my photographs.

I was never without my camera, and was passionate about capturing the beauty of a
smile, a gentle touch….or the love in someone’s eyes. I was always after those heartfelt,
once in a lifetime moments. And I had a feel for when they would happen.

I left Brazil and came to the United States in 1992. I bought a camera and studied
photography, lighting and composition. In 2001 opened Karina Pires Photography.

I bought more cameras. And more gear.

I got a job as a photographer in a wedding portrait studio in Los Angeles, and then
three months later my best friend got engaged and asked me to photograph her wedding in London.

That was my first wedding. And I was hooked.
To me every bride is a princess. Every groom is a prince. Every wedding a fairy tale.
That’s why I shoot weddings. There’s nothing more beautiful than the love I see at a wedding.